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Philippine style of cooking grew and matured over centuries and evolved because of the influences of other cultures that inhabited the country. In two words, "mixed bag". Pinoy cooking is characterized as a mishmash of salty, sour and sweet taste. Our dishes bound from being very simple, like tuyo, to a very complicated and labored one, like lechon.

So, what's on your TOP FILIPINO DISHES list Greedy Glutton?


Surprise?! Well, it's a bump for most of you that Adobo is not ruling my list. I can still remember the first time I ate Kare-kare and it was my first day in college. What I love about this Philippine stew is it's very distinct taste flavored by ground peanuts or peanut butter, onion and garlic. The meat usually used is oxtail but some restaurants and carinderias use pig feet, beef stew meat or pork hocks. The dish is served with mixed vegetables and eaten with shrimp paste or "bagoong". I'm telling you, I would love to have this everyday on my table.


Who wouldn't love chicken marinated in a mixture of lime, vinegar, pepper and annato grilled over hot coal served with rice and pickled unripe papaya or "atchara". Growing up in Bacolod, I get to eat this weekly and never get sick of it! We ilonggos normally eat it by dipping the meat in a sauce or "sawsawan" which is a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar or "sinamak", chili pepper and calamansi.


COMFORT FOOD! :D Tocino is neither cured or smoked and is equivalent to America's bacons or lardons from French cuisine. Made from pork belly and marinated in anise wine, annatto, water, salt, sugar and pepper, this dish make me holler for extra rice! It is normally fried and I prefer it crunchy. DRooL..


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Let's pause on meat-eating because I eat greens too! Taro leaves that are cooked in coconut milk with chili is perfect for steamed rice. It may seem a little grody on the photo but this veggie dish from Bicol is the bomb! I know that not everyone have tried this because of it's appearance but try it once and you'll definitely disregard the look.


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This makes me nostalgic! Suman or rice cake is my staple breakfast food when I was in elementary. This glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk normally served with sugar would always start my day before heading to school. My mom would always wake up an hour ahead of us so she can buy me and my sister our favorite morning meal.

Other Filipino dishes I love,




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Yuck?? .. SHUT UP! haha

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Check out these sites! you're adobo is on their TOP 5 LIST!

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